Energy – Consciousness – Life

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What is real about reality?

Franz J. Senekovich

© 2023

Since I have been working more intensively on the subject of “information medicine”, I have noticed how many misunderstandings there are in this field as well. Therefore, by way of introduction, I would like to point out the distinction between “reality” and “reality”. The reality in our heads and the “objective” reality are poles of an arc of tension that decisively shapes the thinking and actions of all human beings. We all live in reality with our ideas, wishes, dreams, scientific findings. In contrast, reality in matter, time and space eludes our grasp. This results in the fact that what one says is never identical with what the other hears.

All being is energy

According to the ideas of relativity and quantum theory, the world is seen as an energy world. According to the famous Einstein` s formula E = mxc2, mass (m) is therefore matter, a special energy state. According to this, all being can be traced back to the “original substance” energy. John Wheeler writes : ” Einstein always held on to his prophetic vision, beyond his works and his publications: In the world there is nothing, except the curved empty space. Geometry a little bent here, describes gravitation. Waved a little differently there, it represents all the properties of an electromagnetic wave. Excited again somewhere else, the magic material called space shows up as a particle. Nothing foreign or ” physical ” is embedded in space. Everything that is, is designed out of geometry. This is Einstein’s vision.”

Geometry and energy are the shaping forces that create all known phenomena of the world, and thus life …To be continued “At the same time observer and creator of the world”