Welcome to the Beat-Concept Academy for Energetic Medicine and Home Resonance!

Our academy is a training centre with experienced doctors and alternative practitioners specialising in training in Energetic Medicine and Home Resonance. We offer comprehensive information for aspiring therapists and alternative practitioners who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of alternative healing methods.

Our continuing education programme includes a wide range of information, webinars and workshops led by experienced lecturers who are experts in their field. Our courses provide in-depth knowledge of the basics of Energetic Medicine and Home Resonance, from the theoretical concepts to the practical application of various therapeutic methods.

Our Academy also offers advanced courses that allow students to specialise in specific areas of Energetic Medicine and Home Resonance, such as chronic diseases, allergy therapy and more. These advanced courses offer a deeper insight into advanced concepts and techniques to further deepen the knowledge and skills of our students.

Upon successful completion of our training programmes, students receive recognised certificates confirming their competence and qualification in Energetic Medicine and Home Resonance. Many of our graduates are now working successfully as therapists, alternative practitioners or in their own practices, actively contributing to the health and well-being of their patients.

We are proud to offer our students a high-quality education in Energetic Medicine and Home Resonance and to accompany them on their way to becoming competent and empathetic therapists. Discover the fascinating world of Energetic Medicine and Home Resonance at the Beat-Concept Academy and be inspired by our experienced lecturers. We look forward to supporting you in your training and helping you achieve your professional goals!