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B.E.A.T. Source Seminar 20.06.2018

We appreciate the great demand for a new B.E.A.T. Source Seminar and will offer a free seminar on 02.06.2018. More information

Your competent Partner in alternative medicine

B.E.A.T. Concept is a young company that sets the goal to create an international information and sales platform for all customers worldwide in the alternative medicine market. With B.E.A.T. Concept we provide several ways to support the health and improve your well-being. In particular, the areas of application of magnetic therapy, light therapy, electromagnetic analysis, frequency therapy, vitalization products, and protecting against electromagnetic pollution are the focus of B.E.A.T. Concept.

Since the alternative medicine is to this day still not accepted in many areas, B.E.A.T. Concept has chosen an environment in which the natural way of life is appreciated and where as well controversial topics can be discussed. Our headquarters Dominica is distinguished by rich natural resources, as well as an incomparable positive attitude towards life.

To supervise all our prospective customers in an informative and appealing way, we offer webinars and forums, as well as detailed information texts and videos on our website. The interactive contact between all interested parties around the world, is very important to us! Especially with new alternative medicine treatments and products a lively exchange of experience is needed. Therefore we are looking forward to numerous questions, comments and experiences from our customers.

In addition to the informative aspect, B.E.A.T. Concept also provides the opportunity to buy new products from the alternative medicine market directly. Through our online shop, you can easily buy from any country in the world and let the product be delivered directly to your home.
We warmly welcome you and look forward to your contributions!