For all living organisms light is a fundamental elixir of life, without which life itself would hardly be possible, especially sunlight offers us warmth, energy and raises our hormone levels. When taking a closer look at light, understanding the way it works, it is possible to make use of it in newly and totally innovative therapy systems.

The human eye captures light in form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths of about 400nm to 700nm. The smallest wavelengths in the visible spectrum are those of the violet light and the largest belonging to the so called red light. The ability to see colours, is a physiological reaction of the eye , optical nerve and the brain. The, for us invisible, infrared light´s wavelength lies at about 880nm to 950nm and is mainly given off as heat radiation at room temperature. The infrared light in combination with Low-Laser-Level-Therapy delivers energy to the cell, which is absorbed by the tissue. Let the following articles inspire you of the effectiveness and range of application of lighttherapy.