The biofeedback is staged on the same level as high-potency homeopathic treatment and acupuncture. The biofeedback assumes that the organism is an open, non-linear system, which is determined to stabilize itself and its functional balance to work in energetic terms most efficiently. The bioresonance therapy hence acts indirect as a reaction or regulation power on specific irritations and stimuli, fostering the stimulation of endogenous self-healing processes, which make physical health of the organism possible, all with the aid of bio resonance therapy.

To understand the mode of action of the biofeedback and the interpretation of bioresonance therapy, it is necessary to be aware of the functional relationships of the component parts within the organism , which are responsible for the perpetuation and regulation of the homeostasis. In addition the understanding of biofeedback and bioresonance therapy excurses into biophysical, biocybernetic and physical regularities is required to effectively utilize bioresonance therapy.