Cold, sugar, skin, blood pressure, weight loss


Family of Menispermaceae. The leaves and aerial roots of the climber native to Thailand are used. The leaves contain galactans, pentosans and Methylpentosane. Alkaloids such as the air root Borapetol A Borabetoside, berberine, phenols, N-cis-Feruloyltyramine, Picoretin, phytosterols.


Tinospora has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties, which are very strong especially in the respiratory tract and lead to good results in combination with andrographis in chronic colds. Andrographis is supposed to be used in high doses at the onset of symptoms, if this did not take place and the cold has already manifested itself, Tinospora should be given at low doses as an adjuvant – 2 to 3 times 400 mg.

Several studies in vivo showed that Tinospora has high activity against Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus beta-Gr. A, and Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Tinospora has high blood sugar and blood pressure lowering effect. Furthermore, systemically applied, it acts cleansing on the skin, makes a beautiful complexion and acts against blemished skin and acne. It Makes the skin look younger.

Indication and effect:

Influenza infections as well as severe colds, diabetes II, obesity, high blood pressure, skin cleansing and rejuvenating, acne and abscesses.


So far, no known as there are no toxic effects even at high doses, but a dose of 2-3 x 400 mg capsules should be enough. The TTM products are not drugs and therefore cannot replace the doctor or therapist, but are dietary supplements that are used to provide support and assistance in a variety of diseases.