Anti-Aging for Women


The roots of the plants growing exclusively in Thailand are used, which contains a phytohormone, named Miroestrol. The plant is known in Siam for generations and has been used for centuries in folk medicine as youth tonic.

In recent years it has become commercially available in the Far East because of the clinical research and their safety (carcinogenic NW) and is a successful export share to Japan and Taiwan. Further positive effects in pre- and post-climacteric were found.

The cosmetic industry has only started paying attention through a side effect. At high dosage a growth and a tightening of the female breasts, even in middle and older ages can be observed. The female breast has always been an ideal of beauty and Pueraria mirifica was known by this indication, although the positive effects in the area of menopause problems are much more important and above all safe compared to hormone replacement therapy.


Positive stimulatory effects during the menopause, such as mood elevation. Increased libido and raise of the general well being in women during menopausal symptoms and PMS (premenstrual syndrome) through phytoestrogens and isoflavones. A side effect at high doses may be detectable breast growth after 3 weeks, as well as a tightening and lifting the breasts. Anti-aging, rejuvenating, reduces the wrinkling of the skin. In many cases, positive results were reported against early or genetic hair loss. Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis protective effect.


Objectively ascertainable reduction of climacteric, menopausal and postmeno- and andropausal complaints. Growth and tightening of female breasts. Stimulant in the exchange and improvement of hormonally related symptoms.

Exclusively for women, for safety’s sake do not use in case of known cancer (despite negative findings), rare allergies that disappear immediately after discontinuation. Antabuse effect with concurrent use of alcohol. During the treatment, alcohol consumption should be avoided or reduced.


Beginning on the first day of menstruation one capsule daily, if possible at the same time of the day over 90 days. A month pause, then a possible further 90 days of treatment. The same dosage applies to menopausal symptoms.

Estrogenic substance miroestrol 3, 14, 17, 18; tetrahydroxy

Report from the specialist surgery:

From daily patient reports we see most amazing, but especially highly satisfactory feedback when using Pueraria Mirifica not only in the menopause. Especially during PMS (premenstrual syndrome) a very satisfactory result in most of my patients can be seen.

As a dermatologist, I see noteworthy successes especially in hormonally induced skin and connective tissue problems

(Contributed by Dr. Johannes Neuhofer, 4020 Linz)