Kidney remedy


The flowers of the plant native to Southeast Asia are used. In Thai and Ayurvedic medicine they have been used for the treatment of urinary tract for thousands of years. Similar to our nettle. However, the effect is more extensive and potent.


Draining, thus lowering blood pressure, blood sugar lowering in type II diabetics, prevents and flushes out kidney sand and can prevent further stone formation. Uricosuric and uricostatic effect. Therefore, applicable in hyperuricemia (gout prophylaxis) in the long term. General urine-purifying or blood-purifying effect.


Chronic and acute urinary tract sufferings, associated increased fluid administration for the leakage therapy at low diseases without the risk of leakage of potassium and other minerals, such as in pharmaceutical diuretics )whether loop or potassium-sparing diuretics), light remedy even with ascites and water in the lower extremities. Be sure to clarify underlying disease.

None known to date.

3 times daily 1 capsule before meals


Orthosiphon aristatus