Musa, Papaya

Base complex remedy


The dried green fruits of the Thai, wild growing banana fingers and the dried fruits of the unripe papaya are used. The fruits are dehydrated and ground into powder.


It is well known that bananas have a very high proportion of magnesium, potassium, vitamins and trace elements. Unfortunately, also a lot of carbs, so that the consumption of bananas available in Europe also leads to weight gain. Furthermore, the ingredients of the bananas ripened artificially on the ships and warehouses, which are grown on farms and need to have certain shape and size (EU standard), are no longer identical with the wild-growing Asian tropical bananas, which only reach finger size and get no carbohydrates by harvesting in the green condition. This species (there are dozens of varieties of bananas in Thailand) is used exclusively in the traditional herbal medicine and is not for eating.

Papayas have a variety of enzymes, which stimulate protein digestion and can reach a synergistic effect in the mixing ratio 25% to the banana, i.e. a gain of bases in the body. The dosage corresponds to the daily needs and is thus superior to the artificial base powder (which are questionable because of the dosage, but in any case obsolete) because the Galenic of the nature is insurmountably facing the laboratory mixture of base powder.

But who would be able to eat about 10 bananas a papaya daily, apart from the quality of weight gain? Banana powder has an additional gastrointestinal mucosal protective effect and has a protective effect on the mucosa. Papaya helps the enzymes in the protein digestion. With regular use the over acidified body tissue (connective muscle tissue, etc.) is also brought into the correct base-acid ratio.


Double alkaline dietary supplements. For deacidification of the acid overload caused by the deficiency or malnutrition (acidification through coffee, chocolate, meat, etc.). Protection against deficiency in malnutrition, vitamin intake, protection of the the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, mild antacid.


So far, no known. Each school medical textbook recommends magnesium and potassium substitution. Each Basica superior. Cannot lead to hypomagnesaemia (hyperkalaemia). Higher doses for alcoholics and after jejunal ileostomy or severe vomiting and diarrhea.


2 to 3 capsules daily


Musa sapientum Linn & Carica papaya