Oncological adjunctive therapy


The dried leaves and the leaf tips of this Thai plant are used. Selection by hand and the exclusive use of the leaf tips, in which the active ingredient is contained, the yield is very low and complex.


To the Thais the effect of this plant is known for thousands of years and has long been used in the traditional folk medicine with great success with malignant and benign tumours as well as bronchitis (chronic).

The scientific research, which was conducted for more than 10 years at various universities in and out of the country, has confirmed this effect and is broadly attributed to three mechanisms:

• A very effective immunostimulant effect, particularly in mutagenic diseases.

• The dried powder increases the proliferation of lymphocytes and is a potent antioxidant especially in this indication (there are many antioxidants whose effect of free radical scavengers to complex events cause cell protection and thus have a positive influence on the uncontrolled cell growth).

• It lowers the cytomegalovirus titer and further acts against tumour cells without being cytotoxic. It significantly modifies the UDP-GT activity in the liver (glucuronides), which is an important detoxification mechanism the liver.

In summary Murdannia loriformis is a xenobiotic substance (although xenobiotic substances are not found in nature) whose metabolites have a positive influence on the most serious life-threatening diseases.


All the diseases described in their effect, as a sole therapy or additives, according to decision of the treating therapist.


3 times daily, 1 capsule in the morning, noon and night before your meals;
(= Minimum dosage depending on the severity of the case)


Murdannia loriformis