Vital therapeutic


This fruit, that has been known since immemorial time, is native to India and Indo-China (Siam) (Thailand today). Since generations it is consumed in our dishes (curries) can also be found in herbal medicine as one of the longest surviving substances in use.

They are fruits (about the size of a potato) of the Indian mulberry bush with one important difference to Noni: No contamination (nuclear tests in Bikini Atoll), not a farm product, higher fruit concentration: instead of 7: 1 in our preparation of 10 kg pure fruit 1 kg fruit powder is gained.


In addition to numerous documented effects, the most important here:
Serotonin! Scopolamine! Lowers blood pressure, improvement and prevention in cardiovascular diseases, cancer prevention, mood elevation, depression treatment, stimulation of the innate immune system, proliferation of T-helper cells, Arthritis treatment, stimulation of protein and fat metabolism, protection of the cell system (free radicals) and much more.


Depression, high blood pressure, an adjuvant in many degenerative diseases, by increasing the body’s immune defences (humoral pathology).


No basic known, slight allergies slight at dose reduction. Bowel-regulating effect (used in diarrhea and constipation)


Effective only on an empty stomach, so take the highest possible daily dose in the morning with plenty of water half an hour before eating. Do not exceed 1,600 mg per day. All intakes after eating only lead to better digestion.

10: 1 – Fruit: fruit powder) that is from 10kg ripe fruit 1kg of fruit powder is obtained (without fillers and preservatives). It is also very important to mention that this fruit powder is obtained from wild fruits, so it does not come from farm cultivation produced with manure. Indochina, Siam, now Thailand is the original home of Morinda citrifolia (Morus = black, india = India – Indo-China, Kitros, Greek = yellow, like the ripe fruit).