Flu Remedy (influenza)


Growing in Northeast Thailand the real star anise is 10 m tall evergreen tree with birch similar bark. The spherical flowers are yellowish-white or reddish-white. The fruits are red-brown, corky-woody pomes, which are arranged in a star-shaped and contain a shiny brown seeds.

Features & Effect:

For generations Illicium verum is regarded as a safe and effective natural remedy for all influenza infections of unknown viral strains and also free of side effects for prevention after possible contact with an infected person. It inhibits virulence. Influvers is a substance from the group of the neuraminidase inhibitors that is used for the treatment of influenza virus in children and adults with symptoms typical of influenza.

The star anise is being successfully used in infants and children with colic without any incidents. In Chinese medicine, Illicium verum is considered a “hot item”.

From the ground powder of pure star anise (Illicium verum) Influvers is produced. The shikimic acid contained in the star anise is an important metabolic intermediate of the plant and therefore widespread. Numerous aromatics occurring in plants derive from the shikimic acid e.g. the protocatechuic acid. Another way leads gallic acid, which is part of the hydrolysable tannins. Another reactionary pathway leads to phenylpyruvic acid the starting material for cumarine flavonoids and the major pulp lignin.

Indication & Action:

• Influenza infections
• Headache and body aches
• Cough
• Cold
• Fever

• Expectorant
• Soothing
Contraindications and side effects:

None known to date.