Garcinia, Pipper

Lipid-lowering & Lipid-blocker


The dried and ground shells of the Garcinia fruit and the dried granules of immature black pepper are used. Garcinia is a tropical fruit, which slightly lowers the appetite and reduces the metabolism of food. The unripe grains of black pepper enhance the effect.


Garcinia acts weight reducing and is used for weight loss in obesity, as well as to reduce cardiovascular protection with dyslipidemia and risk reduction of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis.

The principle of the reduction of weight is based on the effect in form of lipid-lowering and lipid blockade. The effect starts after about 30 days of administration, which the cholesterol HDL and LDL tests specifically prove (achievement of 200 mg total cholesterol / dl).

Ideal means of lowering cholesterol levels because of the appetite-reducing effect and weight loss.


Reduction of body weight after high calorie diet. Lowering of the cholesterol level in particular the LDL fraction. Reduction of heart attack risk.


None known to date.


If possible 1-2 capsules one hour before each meal, if possible after 17 clock no more meals after 17 o’clock


Garcinia atroviridis linn. & Piper nigrum linn.

A natural lipid-lowering drug:

According to reports from Tirol Garcinia is increasingly used in patients with fat disease. Especially in patients with intolerance to statins and fibrates (myopathy) one is relatively helpless trying to achieve more effective lipid lowering. Garcinia atroviridis can help in many cases here. There is a reduction of LDL cholesterol by up to 15%. In addition, the plant helps in weight reduction.