Derris scandens

Arthritis and rheumatism remedy


Derris scandens is a plant from the Fabaceae family and is characterized by a high content of flavonoids and isoflavonoids. To the Siamese, today Thais, this plant is known in traditional medicine since prehistoric times and was especially used in the treatment of joint and muscle discomfort. In recent years this plant found more and more interest, supported by intensive scientific research, both pharmacologically, as well as in clinical studies and in the treatment of arthritic type.

Here the dried leaves and flowers work surprisingly well to relieve joint and muscle discomfort even in our time. Especially in the inflammatory degenerative area around the joints and their muscles and thus also for pain relief Derris scandens is an excellent remedy if you do not want to resort to steroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


Derris scandens Benth. J. Linn from the family of Leguminosae-Papilionoidea (Fabaceae) is an evergreen tropical plant, where the leaves and petals formed like butterflies are used in the TTM. The parts of the cortex or of the tribe find no use.


In the TTM, the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect in the field of rheumatic and arthritic type has been known for generations. Only in recent scientific research results, the context of the mechanism of action of this plant has become known. Furthermore, the causes of the consumption of Derris scandens and the benefits it brings without side effects for affected people in the treatment of our degenerative ailments including high blood pressure, etc. as well as in the general treatment of pain. In order to understand this we need to go back a little.

Like many other plants, Derris scandens mainly contains isoflavonoids, especially those that find a wide use in the hormone replacement therapy (phytohormones). However, the special thing about Derris scandens is, that it includes six new, previously unknown -Diprenyl isoflavones and Derris-flavones AF, which have a complex influence on the occurrence of pain in general and also on the inflammatory process, which ultimately causes the trigger of the pain.

In the pharmaceutical industry analgesics have long been known and all act on cyclooxygenase inhibition as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). The older ones are diclofenac, thus, COX 1 inhibitor. Side effects are mainly gastrointestinal symptoms and severe damage to the gastric mucosa in chronic medication. You could help this fact by using H2 blockers or omeprazole to reduce the tolerable side effects. The mentioned substances also have side effects.

Then the COX 2 inhibitors came on the market, without the gastrointestinal side effects, but unfortunately with far more dangerous, namely cardiovascular side effects, which are not yet fully illuminated until now. Thus, they are dangerous time bombs but indispensable from the treatment regimen of the pain patient because pain is almost not treated casually in the arthritic and rheumatic circle. Especially in inflammatory thrust we need effective means, which bring the inflammation and pain to subside.

As the most powerful means we have the glucocorticoids, actually endogenous substances from the adrenal cortex, known as cortisone, used e.g. in chronic polyarthritis. The synthetic forms such as dexamethasone and prednisolone are a blessing for many people. Fraught with bad side effects in high and permanent substitution.

So we stay with the non-steroidal substances. Here ASS as aspirin, paracetamol and other pharmaceuticals influence the inflammatory and painful events and all act via similar receptors that influence these events.

These are mainly the influence on prostaglandin E2 production, the inhibition of so-called eicosanoid biosynthesis, protein kinase inhibition, etc.

Derris scandens contains five isoflavone glycosides, named Derriscandenoside AE (1-5), together with ten known compounds of isoflavones, two benzoic acid derivatives three glucose-isoflavones and four rhamnose-glucoses. Fifteen known compounds confirm the laboratory tests and the clinical trials, that show why Derris scandens is able to be used, anti-inflammatory, analgesic but also immunomodulatory and blood pressure-regulating without side effects when applied mainly as long-term medication with people who suffer from painful muscle and musculoskeletal degeneration. Derris scandens is not toxic in any dosage. It is a free radical scavenger as well as an excellent antioxidant. Derris scandens is a gift of nature from the tropics of Thailand for people suffering from pain without having to take into account the risks of steroids and NSAIDs.


Chronic arthritis, in acute onsets, muscle pain, pain of various genesis, rheumatism, high blood pressure, extremely high immunostimulation, thereby improving the general condition, also natural anti-bacterial effects.

None known to date, being used successfully in the ethno medicine in Thailand for centuries.