Curcuma plus

Prostatic disease, oncology of this and other oncological diseases, vascular therapeutic


Curcuma Ebn. was classified as a newly discovered subspecies by our “Alma Mater” Khon Kaen, Faculty of pharmaceutical sciences. Since 2007, we know that this was nearly extinct and can only be found on a very small wild area in the district Udon Thani. With protection against over-harvesting, this particularly curcumin-rich type could be used (about 3 times higher than Curcuma longa) for our medical purposes.

Piper nigrum contains the necessary piperine for the synergistic effect, which creates the conditions that, simply out, an anticarcinogenic effect can enter when taken orally. Otherwise you would have to take up to 8 grams of turmeric powder daily.

Capsicum frutescens is the chilli, that has the highest Scoville units (approximately 855,000). Chromatography (HPLC).


After more than one year of dose-finding of the mixture and verification of effects and side effects and interactions Curcuma plus is a product which, in its unique and patented combination of spices in Pharmacopoeia quality and on-going standard tests in GMP, produces regulators. It is a therapeutic agent which is capable of providing verifiable use free of side effects in prostatic disease, cancer prevention, cancer, PSA-reduction and many other gastrointestinal sufferings.

Indication and effect:

Too high PSA value (prostate specific antigen)

Adjuvant and therapeutic agent (the treating physician’s discretion) for prostrate CA, Mamma CA, etc. vessel-protective effect in atherosclerosis.

Use in KHK’s or at-risk patients who have no compliance. However, the product cannot replace diet adjustment and exercise.


So far, no known because of no toxic effects even at high doses.

300 mg Curcuma Ebneria (80%), 80 mg of Piper nigrum (15%), Capsicum frutescens (5%)