The roots of the plant that exclusively grows in Thailand are used, which contain among other things an androgenic phytohormone, similar to the male testosterone. The plant is, like Pueraria (it is closely related), known as red Pueraria (red Kwao Krua) for generations and was first explored in 1940 by a group of German pharmacists but then again forgotten. Simultaneously with the investigation nowadays Butea has been rediscovered as the equivalent of Pueraria.


Unfortunately, this herbal product is advertised as a Viagra alternative in the Far East. Undoubtedly, sexual virility and erectile effects are reported. Furthermore, quantity of the ejaculate (and possibly quality) has been investigated and reported in clinical studies. Appropriate to the business acumen of Asians and the unequivocally claimed effects, such marketing strategies are understandable, as aphrodisiacs are sought substances since ancient times and especially since it is a product where for the first time the effect appears measureable in this indication. Apart from the fact that the comparison with Viagra is pharmacologically wrong, it is unfortunate that the positive anti-aging (regeneration components) only finds second mention. As it is widely known that with increasing age, testosterone levels decrease and thus aging process of the male body begins – a reduction in muscle mass, increase in fat mass, arteriosclerosis, potency and libido decrease, hair loss, greying of hair, wrinkling of the skin, etc. along with increase the susceptibility to age-related diseases, this product is ideal for a mild substituting of this hormone.


Anti-aging, rejuvenating, libido and potency agents, prevents early aging, mild hormone replacement.


Exclusively for men, for safety’s sake do not use in known cancer (despite negative findings). As preparations out of the legume family and the subset of papilloma Antabuse were produced for alcoholics, concomitant use should be avoided with alcohol, and total alcohol consumption be restricted during the period of treatment. With alcohol the intake of the product must be delayed.


90 days 1 capsule daily in the morning; 1 month pause, then repeat.


Butea superba Roxb., Androgenic substance testosterone