Aloe Vera


Aloe vera barbadensis miller has an outstanding high content of active substances, first and foremost the polysaccharide acemannan. Aloe Vera powder is obtained by removing water and subsequently grinding the dried gel. Spagyric preparation.


Helps with immune deficiency by increasing the antibody-forming T4 helper cells, enhancement of the cell membrane permeability, stimulation of bone marrow activity. Arthritic inflammation, fatigue syndrome, asthma, even Epstein-Barr virus infections were successfully treated with Aloe Vera.

In general, medical treatments have a higher response rate with Aloe Vera. Colds, flu, nose-, throat- and ear infections and Candida fungal infections belong to the field of application. Supportive with diabetes, heart problems, arteriosclerosis, infections and mycoses.


Supports almost all medical treatments such as heart problems, diabetes, fungal infections and infections. Basic therapeutic, light laxative.


One capsule per day with plenty of water. By ingesting toxins are excreted in the detoxification phase and headaches, digestive problems, skin changes and fatigue can occur. Plenty of sleep, lots of fluids, sauna and full baths support the detoxification reactions and let the effect symptoms disappear quickly.


None known so far, do not overdose.