The herbs of TTM have  been used in Thailand for over 5000 years to cure diseases and for prevention. Many of these herbs are used as food supplements in the daily food of the Thai people.
The experiences of ancient herbalism Thailand coincide phenomenally with the findings that has emerged from scientific research from the Thai universities to Western standards.


Dr. Wolfgang Lehner has worked for over fifteen years in exploring the old plants of the Thai jungle, in close collaboration with the medical and pharmaceutical faculties, as well as the public health authorities.
The special feature of the TTM is the combination of Far Eastern healing knowledge in accordance with the findings of classical western medicine.
In contrast to other teachings asisatischen, mono substances are mainly used. Thus, a serious assessment of the pharmaceutical ingredients by means of modern technology is possible.
Also unique is the close cooperation between research teams in the state university Khon Kaen and the herbalist healers.


All TTMnatural products derived from the ancestral natural growth areas of the plant.
So you will not bred or come from farms, but are naturally grown plants without the use of fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.


The collectors are trained in state institutions, mostly in universities or hospitals, by pharmacists for collecting.


The whole production process of the phytoproducts is supervised by academic educated professionals.

The processing of the plants take place at companies which are accepted by the GMP (good manufactured practice) according to appropiate guidelines.