The B.E.A.T. Light Rent is a light therapy system that enables you to stimulate you bodies own self-healing powers, wherever you are. Not only are you able to increase the regeneration capacity of aggrieved or aging tissue by using this novel light therapy system , but you can also enjoy appliances of prophylactic therapies absolutely easy ,right at home.
The B.E.A.T Light Rent light therapy system is a mobile alternative for everybody and offers utilisation to treat specific complaints as well as conscious prophylaxis, by combining the regulatory effect of red and infrared light with the modulation of certain frequencies. Easy usage, individual settings and effectiveness in the familiar quality lets the B.E.A.T. Light Rent shine as a new light therapy system with many functions.

For all vital processes the cell needs energy.  Mitochondria are the organelle of energy production via cellular respiration.  This is subdivided into three parts:  Glycolysis, citric acid cycle and respiratory chain.

The B.E.A.T. Light Rent’s vitalizing program starts at the citric acid cycle.  In the process of the Glycolysis, two pyruvic acid molecules are formed out of one molecule of glucoses. These two exist in the form of an acid residue anion and the pyruvate.

Further reduction of the pyruvic acid molecules happens in the Mitochondria. Pyruvic acid reacts with the coenzyme A , splitting of carbon dioxide (oxidative decarboxylation) and becomes an active and particularly reactive acetic acid ( also known as Acetyl-Coenzyme A). In the next step citric acid is produced as a reaction product.  With the aid of Aconitase the intermediate product Isocitric acid is produced, which in turn decarboxyalizes to a-Ketoglutarate( Decarboxylization is the name for the chemical reaction in which a carbon dioxide molecule splits off an ion or other molecule). Subsequently Succinyl Co A is separated into Succinat and the Coenzym-A by Succinyl-CoA-Synthetases, which happens in the citric acid circle. Among others GTP/ATP > Energy is being produced.

The Succinate, an anion of the succinic acid is the strongest energy source for the mitochondria. The Succinate dehydrogenase oxidises to Fumaric acid.   Main purpose of this step is the supply of reduction equivalents in the form of FADH².

The light of the B.E.A.T. Light Rent influences the Succinate Dehydrogenase (SDG) activity, increasing it, even when activity is lower under adrenalin influence. The treatment with B.E.A.T. Light Rent leads to a  raise of the endogenic succinic acid which in fact means an increase of tissue stability.  The vitalization of the B.E.A.T. Light Rent produces perfect conditions for cell’s energy support.