Technological and medical systems like the LIFE System allow a functional analysis of bioresonance, reflecting the structure and the interaction of human body organs back to your environment.

Each substance has its own vibration and resonance frequency. Living systems continuously metabolize different substances and dosages. Through the body’s reaction to various electrical frequencies, early diviations from the physiological level can be detected. Also for prevention and prophylaxis completely new perspectives will be provided.

All substances have their own oscillation and resonance frequency, so do us humans. The medical and CE certified Biofeedback System, L.I.F.E System, analyses the specific and individual frequency and oscillation images and treats illnesses with the regulatory procedure based on the prior gathered information .The L.I.F.E. System is a Biofeedback System which is predestined for discovering national incompatibilities, paretic organs, toxins, inflammation processes and other sickening changes of the human body. Hereby the revolutionary Biofeedback system L.I.F.E System not only builds the base for an individual treatment plan but also offers options to treat body and mind. The L.I.F.E. System is the only Biofeedback system of its kind, which has reached a MOT quality insurance standard. The revolutionary and professional L.I.F.E System can only be operated by qualified practitioners. Doctors, Veterinarians, Therapists and Homeopaths use the Biofeedback System daily in their practises.

The new LIFE software is now available in English

Free Online LIFE System Demonstration

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