The Fractal Time Clock?

Contrary to conventional models, time does not run linear. Time isn’t one-dimensional, but multi-dimensional. Time isn’t continuous, but fractal. Following logarithmically fractal sequences of embedded cycles, the Fundamental Time-Fractal compresses and decompresses the event structure of every process. In consequence, every linear time-interval consists of a larger or smaller number of events with different priorities. The fractal regularity of compression and decompression of the event structure one can see only on the logarithmic time scale.

The Fundamental Time-Fractal determines the event structure of all processes, thought as human life, a medical history or manufacturing process, independently on the complexity. Near a Node of the Fundamental Time-Fractal the coincidence of cycles reaches maximum. In the consequence, in a Node the event density and the process fluctuation probability are maximum. During a Gap of the Fundamental TimeFractal, the observed process doesn’t create new cycles and the coincidence probability goes to minimum. Nevertheless, already established cycles continue to repeat and can cause moderate process fluctuations.

The knowledge of the Fundamental Time-Fractal allows to forecast the dynamics of important statistical properties, like: event density, fluctuation probability, resonance capability, interaction sensitivity, trend change probability, fusion probability, decay probability, attractor capability, energetic efficiency.
Conventional watches show the current state of an artificially constant technical process and let us believe in the illusion of linearity and homogeneity of Time. Contrary to conventional watches, the Fractal Time Clock shows the current position of the observed process in its Fundamental Time-Fractal.

Using the Fractal Time Clock you have always the knowledge of the fractal event structure of the observed process and can easily foresee when the observed process increases or decreases its event density.
The Fractal Time Clock is recommended for application in daily life, especially in business planning. This application is available for many different PC systems and soon for Android smartphones.