For going beyond thinking. Foxglove eases the mental processes so you are able to contact your heart again. Helps you to let go of thinking structures and patterns of how we think we should we behave. This especially concerns old beliefs and helps to modify behavioural patterns from past lives, for example monastic life. Accepting the connection with the Higher Self as the centre of our Self and as the source of a higher quality of love in our lives. Helpful for being more playful in life. Gives joy and pleasure to sexuality and life in general. When you have no insight into a problem or a difficult situation, it helps you to gain insight, especially when you cannot understand the problem with your mind. Foxglove opens you, step by step, to higher realms beyond thinking, so you are able to use other sources of informatoin, for instance dreams. Often these problems or difficulties have their roots in the heart or in the emotional world. Foxglove balances the polarity of the Higher Self with the polarity of the earth.