A combination of five remedies:

– Angelica: for protection and deep Godly trust.

– Traveller’s Joy: to be firmly in the here and now.

– Mycena: for bonding with the earth and eliminating elements which are hard to digest.

– Red Helleborine: power from the Higher Self.

– Yellow Star Tulip: trusting your inner feelings and listening to your heart

Terra is well suited as a first aid remedy for all different kinds of complaints. First it clears blockages and then helps with the recovery process. Brings peace and calm in tense situations. Terra opens the solar plexus and gives strength in difficult circumstances.

The best way is to take two to five drops straight from the stock bottle under the tongue and/or to hold the remedy bottle during prolonged period of tension. The bottle can also be held near the place of tension or a dosage bottle containg at least four drops can be used for the same purpose. Can be applied locally.