The Peppermint essence is a very good one in these times of difficulty and challenge. Peppermint helps you to digest everything that is dificult, especially what is happening in this moment in your life and in the world. It helps you to deal with deep emotions and problems which you see in the world around you, all the things that come your way and which you cannot get out of your mind. It helps by strengthening you, preparing you for all sorts of eventualities and problems, giving you insight into them. Peppermint essence also gives you insight into the behaviour patterns, and structures you have been holding on to since the time you were born. It might even be that you are no longer aware of this patterns and structures. Peppermint gives the insight that these are a part of your highest good, and helps you to let go of those unseen patterns. It is particularly helpful for emotions and energy, which are being stocked in the area of the stomach and the digestive system.