For those who find material, earthly business more important than unity with their own Being, the Universe and Nature. Lusting after material things resulting in the „handing in“ of intuitive strength. Lack of balance in connection with spiritual development through too much striving after wordly possessions and power. Loss of energy because of always operating from one polarity, having made the longing for material things the one and only end for too long. Because of this, one becomes unable to make contact with his/her own source – retarding spiritual development and creating, as a result, a state of emptiness in the subconscious. This emptiness is filled up again by activities that seem to be forced on you from the outside but which are, in actual fact, drawn to you by yourself. You feel you „have to“ do so many things.

The Honesty essence helps you with the integration of earthly bonds as well as the Cosmic ones, bringing balance to these deep primeval forces. It gives power, coming from your spiritual self, to stand strong in your earthly shoes. A turning away from earthly, material matters to spiritual help for others as you often have to live the emptiness and pain yourself to really be of help to others. A change in the essence of Man so that he no longer strives only to satisfy personal desires but is able to grow into a Being with Universal Love for others as well as for oneself. When we reach this awareness, we can continue our evolutionary process without denying our spiritual origin and our earthly existence.