Ground Ivy

Clears away old emotions you don’t understand. Ground Ivy makes you aware of, and transforms behaviour patterns, above all patterns which you, yourself, cannot see. For abundance, strenghth and expansion. It helps with personal development and finer attunement, bringing out the finer qualities of your being. Trusting in your own being, wherever you might be. Helpful in healing work. It is good to keep a bottle beside you, and when you meet with a painful or emotional disturbance, to give it a shake and use Ground Ivy’s energy to „hook on to“ the emotion and pull the emotion or problem out of the spiritual body, as if pulling a piece of string out of the body, continuing until the string is felt to have gone limp. As a herbal remedy, Ground Ivy is used for the lungs and coughing. As a flower essence it also gives good results in such cases.