What are Flower Essences?

Flower essence therapy is a very delicate natural way of healing. The therapy uses energetic essences, made from the flowers of wild-growing or organically-grown plants, trees or shrubs. The essences are used when emotional states or emotions are out of balance. An ongoing fear, for example, will affect the life force and vitality of a person. Flower essences are catalysts that help us gain insight into our consciosness. Flower essences don’t push away the fear but show you the way, giving you the insight of how to rediscover and develop your courage. When the mind is back in balance, the body can eventually recover in a natural way.

The Preparation

When we make flower essences, we work with Nature as a living being. We also try to work with Nature and natural energies, working with our hearts and with as much respect as possible. The process of making flower essence is a living process. When the right moment is found, with the plant or flowers also indicating that the time has come, the flowers are picked and placed in bowl with (spring)water, or, not picking the flowers, but bending them over into the water. The bowl containing the flowers is left there in the sunshine or under the moon for several hours. After this period in the light of the sun or the moon, the flowers are taken out of the water. This water now contains the life-force or Deva of the plant. The quality of the essence depends on the actual time the flowers have been taken out of the bowl and the moment the water comes together with the preserving agent, organic brandy. This is when the remedy is born. The energised water and brandy mixture is called the mother essence. Two drops of this can be put in a 30ml. bottle with organic brandy and 10% spring water. Now we start the practical testing of the essence in several ways: taking them ourselves and disributing them to the people who attend our classes and collecting therapist case studies.

Taking The Essences

The best way to take essences, is to take 4 drops from the dosage bottle each time, 4 to 6 times a day. The preparation of a dosage bottle of flower essence goes like this: take a clean 30ml. bottle with a dropper, add about 1cm. of alcohol (brandy, gin), vegetable glycerin or vinegar as a preservative and fill it up with spring water. Select the stock bottle(s) of the chosen essence(s). For best results it is preferable to combine no more than four flowers essences at one time. Put from 2 to 4 drops of the chosen essence or essences in the filled dosage bottle. Write the name of the essences on a label and put this on the bottle, so that people know which flower essences they are taking. The dosage bottle is now ready for use. Always shake well before using. Now take 4 to 6 drops of this dilution with the dropper from the dosage bottle and put them under the tongue. Avoid touching the dropper with the tongue to prevent contamination. It is important that you take the essences several times a day, for example in the morning when you get up, before meals and in the evening before going to sleep. Take just a few drops each time as this works better than a large amount. Should a consciousness crisis occur while using the remedy, such as an aggravation of the emotional complaints, you can simply hold the bottle in your hand. When you are peaceful again, you can start taking the essences more frequently, 4 drops 12 times a day and even (when necessary) every 10 minutes. If you get restless reduce the amount to 2 drops twice a day. When this still doesn’t give the desired results, you can start taking the essence(s) directly from the stock bottles. In this case, take 2 drops at least 2 to 4 times directly under the tongue. Should the need arise, an emergency essence such as „TERRA“ or „PROTECTION“ can be used. It is best to put 4 drops in a dosage bottle when using an emergency essence dilution.