Bonmay BP-7000 Protable Handle High Frequency

Mechanism principle

1. relieve itching and ease pain

The stimulation of speaking with middling intensity makes the skin or film produce a feeling of stinging and roughness. That will probably bring the cover up effect or excite the nerve fiber to stop the conduction of difficulties.

2. improve the local blood circulation

The function of heating high frequency electricity makes the blood heat. Through the capillary wall or axon reflex nerve endings causes vasodilation, warm also enable organizations trace protein denaturation, decomposition of histamine, vaoactive substances such as peptides, vasodilation, strengthening local blood circulation, thereby improving nutrition organizations.

3. abreaction inflammation

Warm, high-frequency, electric heat enables the small arteries and capillaries expand, improves blood circulation, exudates absoption, reduces swelling, excludes inflammatory products and accelerates metabolites. Also enables reticuloendothelial system function, strengthened and enhanced phagocytic cell activity that is in favor of absorption and dispersion chronic inflammation and subacute inflammation.

4. reduce tensility of muscle

The function of heating high-frequency electricity can reduce muscle tension, ease cramps, mitigate spasticity and reduce contractions. Can also give access to proscribed organization tension reduction and increase flexibility.

5. sterilization

The ozone has the function of sterilization that is produced from the air ionization while the spark is discharging. High-frequency electrotherapy has two methods of operation including „direct electrotherapy“ and „sparks electrotherapy“:

direct electrotherapy: This way can enhance the efficiency component filter into the sebum and dissolve it. It is provided with the stimulation fiber tissue that can regain the skin radiance.

sparks electrotherapy: It possess the strong sterilization effect that can make the wound close up quickly. The function of electric current can stimulate the hair embryo tissue and promote the growth of the hair.


Act on the face, it is useful for inflammation as follows:

– The damaged skin, papilla and inflammation skin

– Intensity dropping, loosensess and the winkle skin

– The paleness skin without nutrition

– The oil skin with big pore

Act on the skin of the head:

– Sebum overflowing inflammation and the other losing hair, and stimulate the hair growth and strengthen the hair ball

Act on the body

– Improve the varicosity and fat accumulation