Novelties for the L.I.F.E. System

Finally, the novelties of the L.I.F.E. System are now available on the market!  The add-on programs HEB and Body-balancer are receivable from now on for all L.I.F.E. Users and allow new levels of therapy. Get inspired by this Newsletter and discover all novelties!

Body Balancer

The Body Balancer  is a very simple, yet powerful program, defined by its use of video imaging and audible tones that impact and interact with the subtle vibrations of the human body and its dynamic, ever changing structure. It has been proposed, by those involved in the field of Energy Medicine, that illness is often the result of discord within the energy field that surrounds the body.
The Body Balancer program adapts a unique approach, integrating the use of selective tones, as well as video selections and visual images. The images and wave forms exhibited in the Body Balance program are intended to convey a sense of well being to those who view them, assisting in the reestablishment of balance and harmony. Read more detailed information about the new Body Balancer:

You can add Body Balancer download and test 10 days. After this time you need a code. In this moment you must buy the system. Send a email to or push the buttom Body Balancer buying.