The new Biomonitor is a measuring device, which is used in alternative medicine as well as in allopathic medicine. The status of the electromagnetic field implies information about the bodies overall health condition reaching from coherence to disharmony. Modern science and alternative medicine does not view a living system to be in a high degree of order or disorder but when in a good condition in a so called “coherence”. It has to be stated that coherence is not a static but a very dynamic state, which can be measured by the Biomonitor as it is an open system.

Hence, the Biomonior is a suitable device to control treatments, as well as, to accompany healing processes. These control diagnoses could, for example, be used in sports, diets and generally every treatment in classical and alternative medicine.

What’s it about?

It is now generally recognised that all living things, whether human or animal, have electromagnetic fields. Unfortunately, very few people are aware that these electromagnetic fields can tell us a great deal about the condition of the person to whom they belong.
If the electromagnetic field is in harmony, then that person could also be said to be in harmony – what is known as an ideal state.

                                                                           Harmonic Pyramide

The biomonitor makes it possible to give an indication of the state of the electromagnetic field and thus tells us about the state of the person or animal concerned.

What is measured and how?

A small electric current (approx. 5 volts DC) is passed through the body. The person’s field strength is measured at 128 closely-spaced measuring points, known as pins.
The biomonitor can be applied to any part of the body. The data obtained is then fed directly into a connected computer for analysis and graphical representation.


How is the data evaluated?

The data from the person or animal concerned is compared with various standards such as the Gaussian distribution curve, delta distribution and logarithmic distribution.

What does the therapist learn from this?

The state of the electromagnetic field reveals much about the current condition of the individual, for example, one can establish how far removed the person is from the standard levels for harmony, concentration or relaxation. It can be established whether or not there exists a disharmony or disturbance in the electromagnetic field of the person or animal.


Doctors and therapists can use the biomonitor to demonstrate and verify the effects of their treatments. The biomonitor has been tested in various experiments and trails over the past 20 years and is suitable for use in both complementary and allopathic medicine.

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